We challenge ourselves to reach higher, live fuller and be greater!

Real Life Catholic founder Chris Stefanick has been among the many dynamic speakers and workshop leaders at Saint Dennis Parish in recent years, bringing inspirational vision, thought-provoking philosophies and spiritual renewal to families and individuals. Dr. Allen Hunt of Dynamic Catholic joyfully led Saint Dennis couples in all stages of their relationship in a unique marriage workshop, and Dr. Robert Enright of the Forgiveness Institute hosted sessions about the benefits and how-to’s of forgiveness. See below for some of the most recent special events enjoyed by Saint Dennis parishioners and other guests from across the region.


2022 Eucharistic Series

4-Part Series

  • Week One: Intro to Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist
  • Week Two: The Sacrifice
  • Week Three: Communion & Community
  • Week Four: Our Response

Saint Dennis Lenten Journey 2021

The Covenants
Six-Part Series

  • Week One: Couple ~ Adam & Eve
  • Week Two: Family ~ Noah
  • Week Three: Tribe ~ Abraham
  • Week Four: Nation ~ Moses
  • Week Five: Kingdom ~ David
  • Week Six: Christ ~ Jesus

Saint Dennis Advent 2020

We Wait in Joyful Hope!
Four-Part Series

  • Week One “Created”
  • Week Two “Captured”
  • Week Three “Rescued”
  • Week Four “Response”

Know Your Faith to Grow Your Faith with Bishop Donald Hying

Recorded in 2019
Bishop Hying enjoys the opportunity to teach and pass on the faith. His conviction is that as we come to know Jesus and His Church more, we will come to love Him more. We'll discuss the pillars of our faith, learn how to trust a loving God that we cannot see, and deepen our experience with God.


Deepen Your Faith with Deacon Ralph Poyo Audio

February 17-20, 2019
Four amazing talks presented by the dynamic Deacon Ralph Poyo sharing how our faith is relevant in our everyday life. Deacon Ralph is a very magnetic and gifted speaker who travels all over the United States preaching and captivating audiences. He has experienced how God seeks to transform us at the very core of our being.


Courage Through Faith with Featured Speakers

April 18, 2018
Pastor Fr. Randy Timmerman welcomed about 400 believers from congregations throughout the city with the challenge to be bold and courageous in work and everyday life, much like the apostles were courageous in building the early Church after Christ rose from the dead.
Father Randy’s plea was to be a living example of Christian values and voices in a society that is often hostile toward faith.