SHARE – “Serving Helps Another & Reaps Enrichment.”

Volunteers provide a variety of services for fellow parishioners through this ministry. Informational SHARE brochures are located on the literature rack in the gathering space of the church. Please contact the indicated person if you are in need of one of these services or would like to assist your fellow parishioners through one of these ministries.

Saint Dennis Parish SHARE – “Serving Helps Another & Reaps Enrichment.”

Food/Meal Ministry

Meals are coordinated and provided to parishioners following a recent hospitalization, during extensive medical treatment or in another emergency.

Contact Tricia Mitmoen at (608) 221-3647;
Vern Maiers at (608) 222-4079.


Grief Ministry

This ministry has provided outreach to those experiencing the loss of a loved one through death. Two 4-week sessions, with a reunion one month later, are provided by the Grief Team each year. A “Moving through Grief” series is held in the spring and the video series “No One Cries the Wrong Way” is held in the fall. Members of the Saint Dennis Circle of Friends provide additional support to families with phone calls, visits and notes/cards for one year.

Contact Karen Wolf at (608) 222-0323;
Kathy Saunders at (608) 222-9558;
Patti Metcalf at (608) 222-2173;
Pam Martin at (608) 223-0147.


Hospital Visitation Ministry

Volunteers visit and offer support to hospitalized parishioners at Madison hospitals. Spiritual support with prayer and/or Eucharist is a part of the visit. The parish SHARE Ministry is explained and patient needs for the Ministry’s services upon discharge are determined during the visit. Please let us know if you are going to be hospitalized, know a parishioner who is hospitalized or would like to be part of the Hospital Visitation team.

Contact M. Jane Baszynski at (608) 661-4446;
Kathy Lulling at (608) 222-2786.


Ministries of Respite/Care

Volunteers provide non-medical care and temporary relief (respite) to family members who are caring for a loved one at home and provide reassurance phone calls and/or visits to those who live alone. Confidentiality is upheld for all concerned. Anyone needing these services or wishing to provide them may contact us! If you are comfortable sitting with a person who is ill, just being a kind and trusted presence, or if you wish to call and/or visit those who live alone, these ministries may be for you. Catholic Charities will provide appropriate training to those who provide respite care.

Contact Nancy Onken at (608) 244-7480.


Ministry of Transportation: Medical Appointments

Need a ride? Our volunteers are able to provide parishioners transportation to their doctor appointments. (We do not provide rides to hospitals for outpatient procedures.) We will respect your privacy. We would appreciate a week’s notice before your appointment. Our hours are 8 am to 5 pm.

Contact: Ellie Zirbel at (608) 241-7863;
Kathy Saunders at (608) 222-9558.


Minor Home Repair Ministry

A ministry designed to help senior citizens or people on fixed incomes maintain their homes. Repairs may include plumbing, storm doors, electrical work, etc.

Contact Matt Darga at (608) 222-7539.


Prayer Ministry

This spiritual ministry invites parishioners to pray daily for the needs of the parish, the world and for individuals who are experiencing problems as well as to pray in thanksgiving for prayers answered. They receive, by mail, a list of prayer intentions monthly. Members receive a certificate, cross and book of prayers when they are commissioned.

Contact Saint Dennis Prayers;
Colleen Martine at (608) 800-2051;
Sylvia Havey at (608) 222-3056.

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