with Bishop Hying

Overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Recorded in 2019

Bishop Hying enjoys the opportunity to teach and pass on the faith. His conviction is that as we come to know Jesus and His Church more, we will come to love Him more. We’ll discuss the pillars of our faith, learn how to trust a loving God that we cannot see, and deepen our experience with God.

Four-Part Series

  • The Profession of Faith
  • The Christian Mystery
  • Life in Christ
  • Christian Prayer

Profession of Faith

Sept. 24

:45               Introductory remarks by Bishop Donald Hying

6:00               Overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

9:06               Coming “to know” God

14:48               The existence of God – whether God exists or not

18:15                Creation: “Why is there something rather than nothing?  Why am I here?”

20:58               Sacred Scripture – the revelation of God or God speaks to us

25:42               Tradition with a capital “T” and Trinity – 1 God and three persons

27:32               The FALL: before and after

32:25               The covenant begins

35:52               Jesus and the word made flesh

41:00               Jesus, the answer to all of life’s questions

52:27               Jesus, the unique Christian claim

55:39               The significance of the crucifix

56:52               The cross as Jesus’ marriage bed

58:13               Why do Catholics have the body of Jesus on the cross?

58:57                Why is there suffering?

1:00:26            The cornerstone of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus, risen in bodily form

1:03:09            The Great Commission – be disciple makers!

1:04:14            Bishop Hying loves confirmations!

1:04:58            Pondering Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

1:06:20            The Church is for everybody

1:08:17            The four marks of the Church; one, holy, catholic and apostolic

1:12:37            Why do I need the Church or religion?  “Yes to Jesus but no to the Church?”

1:14:20            The Church is always new

1:15:02            Four last things, heaven, hell, purgatory and final judgment

1:17:20            Purgatory in particular

1:18:24            Heaven

1:19:21            Final judgment and hell

The Christian Mystery

Oct. 1

1:50                 St. Therese of Liseux, “my favorite female saint”

7:42                 The Catechism, its origin and its necessity for every Catholic home

9:45                 What are sacraments?

11:35               Jesus most prized possession as the Son of the Father

11:57               God’s love revealed through Jesus & the mediation of the sacraments

12:33               Liturgy as a public manifestation; Greek liturgia or ‘a public work’;

13:19               What are we going to do in heaven?

14:31               Liturgia, our act of worship; Isaiah 6 & Luke 5

16:49               “I don’t go to mass because I do not get anything out of it!”

17:42               “We have a need to worship!”

19:54               Signs, Symbols and Sacraments

21:52               Our self-offering at the mass

23:06              “Why do we have to go to mass?”-personal story

25:13               “minimalist or a maximalist”-John 12

27:57               “marriage is beautiful, a sacrament and marriage is hard”

30:15               Sacraments, overview

30:39              Ponder your baptism: what day were you baptized?

32:53              Sanctifying Grace

35:01              Original sin; “our need for a front end alignment!”

35:47              Confirmation; a final anointing

39:48             Bishop Hying’s awakening moment as call to priesthood

44:18              Eucharist as Sacrifice

48:21              Eucharist as Thanksgiving/Gratitude

51:09              “Would you go to that man’s funeral?”

53:16              Eucharist as Banquet– we consume the Resurrected Christ!

59:16              “If every Catholic understood and believed in the Eucharist…”

1:00:48          Eucharist as Memorial

1:01:15           Reconciliation: God’s way of cleansing us

1:02:06          Why do I have to go to a priest for confession? Why can’t I just ask God to forgive me?

1:03:26          Confession as psychologically therapeutic

1:04:43          How often should I go to confession?

1:06:14          “I am afraid the priest will judge me in my confession”

1:08:04          Anointing of the Sick

1:09:28          personal testimony of God’s healing love

1:11:12            Holy Orders, bishops, priests, deacons

1:13:11            Ordained priesthood is at the service of your baptized priesthood

1:14:46           Marriage as vocation

1:16:06          sign, symbol and sacrament in the 7 sacraments!

1:17:36           God choose to stay with us!

Life in Christ

Oct. 8

1:10            Opening Comments

1:37            75th Anniversary Diocesan Mass at Camp Randall?

3:07           Review of Pillar I and Pillar II

4:06          Pilar III and ‘What Are We to Do?’

10:04         ‘What Must You Do?’

12:25         ‘We Live in a Culture that Allows Everything and Forgives Nothing’

13:49         ‘Be Holy’

14:25        The Holiness of Saint Mother Teresa

16:09        What Is Truth? Is There Objective Truth?

17:19         Love and Truth

19:13         A Moral Person: ‘Do Good, avoid Evil’

22:53        Three Contemporary ‘isms’: Relativism, Materialism and Secularism

26:17         Secularism: Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship

28:22        Freedom is the Ability to Do What God Wants

32:47         Dignity of the Person

34:00        The Common Good

35:30        The Moral Act

36:57        Formed Conscience

39:20       Four Cardinal Virtues

42:32       Temperance: Pleasure, Happiness & Joy

44:48       Joy – That Which the World Cannot Give

46:55       Mortal & Venial Sin

49:04       Confession is Great!

52:12        Bishop Hying ‘s All-time Favorite Song is…

52:57        October 9, Feast Day of Saint Dennis

54:20       Never Lose Confidence

56:47        Catholic Social Teaching

1:00:06    Rights & Responsibilities

1:01:00    Principle of Solidarity

1:02:19    The Power of Solidarity: When the Pope Went To Poland for the First Time

1:04:45    Subsidiarity

1:05:59    Dignity of Work

1:07:13    Beauty of the Family

1:11:03     Preferential Option for the Poor

1:12:48    Care for Creation

1:15:03    Natural Law

1:18:51     Pro-Life Month

1:20:15    Fusion of Love and Truth

1:23:11    Closing Comments

1:24:11    Four Things I Can Never Get Over…

Christian Prayer

Oct. 15

This session was led by Father Randy Timmerman and was not recorded.