Music Ministries



Cantors lead the congregation in song during weekend Masses, weddings, funerals and special Masses. They foster assembly singing, announce hymns and sing the psalm. Cantors are usually a soloist or a duet, but small ensembles are also welcome. An audition may be required.

Contact: Andrew Kem at (608) 216-9380



Saint Dennis has choirs for all ages. Adult Choirs lead the assembly in music at the weekend Liturgies. Contemporary choirs sing at the Saturday 4 pm and Sunday 9 am Mass every other week. The Praise Choir performs traditional four-part music, usually at the Sunday 10:45 am Mass. The Family Choir allows parents with children to raise their voices together in leading song the fourth Sunday at 9 am Mass during the school year. Practices are at 8 am in the Music room before the scheduled Mass.

Contact: Andrew Kem at (608) 216-9380



Instrumentalists enhance the music of our parish choirs and cantors by providing piano, guitar or percussion accompaniment, as well as other instruments.

Contact: Andrew Kem at (608) 216-9380

Liturgical Ministries


Art & Environment Committee

The Art and Environment Committee provides an appropriate environment of prayer and celebration, consistent with the liturgical calendar and appealing to all senses, to promote parishioner understanding of and participation in the Liturgy. This committee also coordinates the brick orders and maintenance of the Saint Dennis Celebration of Life Garden. An inscribed brick memorial or living tribute gift for a loved one, family member, friend, or self is a permanent gift that celebrates life.

Contact: Ruth Gabriel-Benesh at (608) 445-0603



Sacristans set out the vessels, ensure lay ministers are present and make other preparations for the weekend Masses. They also clean and put away vessels after Mass. This ministry allows the priests to be available to people prior to and following the Liturgy. The ministry can be performed by one person, or a couple. It is an enjoyable family ministry for young couples with children.

Contact: Carol Jacques at (608) 246-5124