1:10            Opening Comments

1:37            75th Anniversary Diocesan Mass at Camp Randall?

3:07           Review of Pillar I and Pillar II

4:06          Pilar III and ‘What Are We to Do?’

10:04         ‘What Must You Do?’

12:25         ‘We Live in a Culture that Allows Everything and Forgives Nothing’

13:49         ‘Be Holy’

14:25        The Holiness of Saint Mother Teresa

16:09        What Is Truth? Is There Objective Truth?

17:19         Love and Truth

19:13         A Moral Person: ‘Do Good, avoid Evil’

22:53        Three Contemporary ‘isms’: Relativism, Materialism and Secularism

26:17         Secularism: Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship

28:22        Freedom is the Ability to Do What God Wants

32:47         Dignity of the Person

34:00        The Common Good

35:30        The Moral Act

36:57        Formed Conscience

39:20       Four Cardinal Virtues

42:32       Temperance: Pleasure, Happiness & Joy

44:48       Joy – That Which the World Cannot Give

46:55       Mortal & Venial Sin

49:04       Confession is Great!

52:12        Bishop Hying ‘s All-time Favorite Song is…

52:57        October 9, Feast Day of Saint Dennis

54:20       Never Lose Confidence

56:47        Catholic Social Teaching

1:00:06    Rights & Responsibilities

1:01:00    Principle of Solidarity

1:02:19    The Power of Solidarity: When the Pope Went To Poland for the First Time

1:04:45    Subsidiarity

1:05:59    Dignity of Work

1:07:13    Beauty of the Family

1:11:03     Preferential Option for the Poor

1:12:48    Care for Creation

1:15:03    Natural Law

1:18:51     Pro-Life Month

1:20:15    Fusion of Love and Truth

1:23:11    Closing Comments

1:24:11    Four Things I Can Never Get Over…