Art & Environment Committee

The Art and Environment Committee provides an environment of prayer and celebration, consistent with the liturgical calendar and appealing to all senses, to promote parishioner understanding of and participation in the Liturgy.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers are students in fifth grade and older who assist the presiding priest during the four weekend Liturgies and on holy days and special feast days.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion distribute the Body of Christ to the assembly at weekend Masses. Ministers are trained and assigned to a team designated for each Mass.

Funeral Acolytes

Funeral Acolytes are adults who assist the presiding priest during funerals.

Leaders of Prayer

Leaders of Prayer read the Prayers of the Faithful at weekend Masses.


Lectors have the privilege of reading God’s Word publicly in the assembly at weekend Masses. Readers proclaim the first or second readings, or both. A workbook with the readings and reflections and other guidance is provided to each lector.

Ministers of Hospitality / Greeters / Ushers

Ministers of Hospitality/Greeters and Ushers assist at weekend Liturgies and special services to make people feel welcome, seat people as needed, take up the collection and provide other assistance. These ministers also provide assistance to parishioners looking for information or resources. Contact is Mike Stewart.


Sacristans set out the vessels, ensure lay ministers are present and make other preparations for the weekend Masses. They also clean and put away vessels after Mass. This ministry allows the priests to be available to people prior to and following the Liturgy. The ministry can be performed by one person, or a couple. It is an enjoyable family ministry for young couples with children.

Sign Interpreters

Sign Interpreters provide interpretation for persons who are deaf, using American Sign Language at the Sunday 9:00 am Mass. This ministry is provided thanks in part to a grant from the Apostolate to the Handicap.

For more information or to get involved in a liturgical ministry, please contact Pat Hendrickson.