:45               Introductory remarks by Bishop Donald Hying

6:00               Overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

9:06               Coming “to know” God

14:48               The existence of God – whether God exists or not

18:15                Creation: “Why is there something rather than nothing?  Why am I here?”

20:58               Sacred Scripture – the revelation of God or God speaks to us

25:42               Tradition with a capital “T” and Trinity – 1 God and three persons

27:32               The FALL: before and after

32:25               The covenant begins

35:52               Jesus and the word made flesh

41:00               Jesus, the answer to all of life’s questions

52:27               Jesus, the unique Christian claim

55:39               The significance of the crucifix

56:52               The cross as Jesus’ marriage bed

58:13               Why do Catholics have the body of Jesus on the cross?

58:57                Why is there suffering?

1:00:26            The cornerstone of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus, risen in bodily form

1:03:09            The Great Commission – be disciple makers!

1:04:14            Bishop Hying loves confirmations!

1:04:58            Pondering Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

1:06:20            The Church is for everybody

1:08:17            The four marks of the Church; one, holy, catholic and apostolic

1:12:37            Why do I need the Church or religion?  “Yes to Jesus but no to the Church?”

1:14:20            The Church is always new

1:15:02            Four last things, heaven, hell, purgatory and final judgment

1:17:20            Purgatory in particular

1:18:24            Heaven

1:19:21            Final judgment and hell