1:50                 St. Therese of Liseux, “my favorite female saint”

7:42                 The Catechism, its origin and its necessity for every Catholic home

9:45                 What are sacraments?

11:35               Jesus most prized possession as the Son of the Father

11:57               God’s love revealed through Jesus & the mediation of the sacraments

12:33               Liturgy as a public manifestation; Greek liturgia or ‘a public work’;

13:19               What are we going to do in heaven?

14:31               Liturgia, our act of worship; Isaiah 6 & Luke 5

16:49               “I don’t go to mass because I do not get anything out of it!”

17:42               “We have a need to worship!”

19:54               Signs, Symbols and Sacraments

21:52               Our self-offering at the mass

23:06              “Why do we have to go to mass?”-personal story

25:13               “minimalist or a maximalist”-John 12

27:57               “marriage is beautiful, a sacrament and marriage is hard”

30:15               Sacraments, overview

30:39              Ponder your baptism: what day were you baptized?

32:53              Sanctifying Grace

35:01              Original sin; “our need for a front end alignment!”

35:47              Confirmation; a final anointing

39:48             Bishop Hying’s awakening moment as call to priesthood

44:18              Eucharist as Sacrifice

48:21              Eucharist as Thanksgiving/Gratitude

51:09              “Would you go to that man’s funeral?”

53:16              Eucharist as Banquet– we consume the Resurrected Christ!

59:16              “If every Catholic understood and believed in the Eucharist…”

1:00:48          Eucharist as Memorial

1:01:15           Reconciliation: God’s way of cleansing us

1:02:06          Why do I have to go to a priest for confession? Why can’t I just ask God to forgive me?

1:03:26          Confession as psychologically therapeutic

1:04:43          How often should I go to confession?

1:06:14          “I am afraid the priest will judge me in my confession”

1:08:04          Anointing of the Sick

1:09:28          personal testimony of God’s healing love

1:11:12            Holy Orders, bishops, priests, deacons

1:13:11            Ordained priesthood is at the service of your baptized priesthood

1:14:46           Marriage as vocation

1:16:06          sign, symbol and sacrament in the 7 sacraments!

1:17:36           God choose to stay with us!